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Firm History Keiwa Sogo Law Offices was established in January 2004 by three partners, Kozo Toyama, Yoshinori Hosoya and Osamu Higuchi. Thereafter, Kenji Kawahigashi, who has significant experience in corporate and finance law, joined the firm in May 2008. In addition, Sunao Nakamura, who has significant experience in corporate law centered in finance and real estate, was made a partner on April 2013. In January 2018, Shusuke Kawamoto who has extensive experience in wide range of corporate law including advanced fields such as IT and finance was mada a partner. We also have many young, aspiring lawyers as associates. We are a firm consisting of 15 lawyers (bengoshi) (8 partners and 7 associates) and 1 qualified patent attorney.
Features of the Firm One of the remarkable features of our firm is that all 8 partners have in-depth knowledge of not only general corporate, employment and litigation areas of practice, but also of highly specialized areas such as the corporate finance, merger and acquisitions and inter-corporate alliance, turnaround business, bankruptcy and intellectual property. Each partner shares his/her expertise and experience with others, and by working together, our small but highly skilled firm efficiently provides high quality legal services in a wide range of areas. For more details of our practice, please refer to the sections “Practice” and “Lawyers” below.
Domestic and International Network Another feature of our firm is that we handle a wide range of international transactions by utilizing the broad international network which has been built upon the partners’ long experiences from working at foreign law firms and companies. Furthermore, since the firm is one of the founding member firms of the Legal Netlink Alliance, a global alliance of selected law firms, we will be able to flexibly deal with cross-border matters, in the English-speaking world as well as other parts of the world.
Rapid Response to Client Needs Keiwa Sogo Law Offices has strong connections with a number of Japanese and foreign law firms, accounting firms, patent firms and business consulting firms. This enables us to quickly assemble a working team in order to serve the needs of our clients. In comparison with large domestic law firms and Europe- or U.S.A.- based law firms where the potential conflicts of interest often cause problems, it is rarely an issue at our firm. Moreover, we can offer competitive rates because of low back-office costs.

Our senior partners provide valuable advice based on their experience gained from being at the front line since the beginning of international legal practice to this day. Under the guidance of those partners, associates at Keiwa Sogo Law Offices have deepened their expertise of each area of practice, while individually taking part in various activities such as assisting in criminal defense proceedings including white collar crimes, writing technical books and providing lectures. At our firm, it is possible to pursue a career as a specialist while gaining experience in a wide range of areas. We also fully support associates who wish to study or obtain training overseas.


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