Lawyers List

   Kozo Toyama
   Yoshinori Hosoya
   Kenji Kawahigashi
   Osamu Higuchi
   Sunao Nakamura
   Kazuma Kato
   Shusuke Kawamoto
   Kotomi Ejiri
   Takakuni Ujike
   Hidenori Ueki
   Kaori Fuse
   Kohei Nomura
   Yu Matsushita
Of Counsel
   Tsuyoshi Yamada
Patent attorney
   Keiji Masaki

Tsuyoshi Yamada

Admission to the Bar:
Niigata Bar Association (2004-2010)
Tokyo Bar Association (2010-)

Niigata University, Faculty of Law (LLB): 1989
Niigata University, Graduate school of Law (LLM): 1993
Hitotsubashi University Graduate school of Doctor Course (finished): 1996
Columbia Law School Visiting Scholar: 2000-2001
Aoyama Gakuin University, Law Degree of Doctor of Philosophy/ JSD: 2011

Business Career:
Daishi Bank Officer: 1989-1991
Associate Professor, Niigata University Law Faculty: 1996-2010
The University of Alberta, Law faculty, Canada: Visiting Professor in Japanese Law: 1998
Niigata District Court, Mediator: 2004-2010
Niigata Prefecture, Deliberative Council on PFI: 2008-
Top Culture Ltd. outside Auditor: 2008-
Tsutaya Stationery Network Ltd., outside Auditor: 2011-

Academic Achievements (Extracts):
Financial Deregulation and Legal System for the Consumer Protection” (book) Chuokeizaisha (Aoyama Gakuin University Ph.D. Dissertation) ISBN 978-4-502-96170-0: 2009
‘Accountability and the principal of Suitability‘ (co-author) Securities Regulation Law Research Committee edited “Contemporary Issues on the Securities Regulations Law” (JSRI Press)p.236. ISBN 978-4-89032-041-7: 2010
‘The Daiwabank Case filed on 2000.9.20 by Osaka District Court and its Impact against Japanese Society’ “Columbia Asian Law Review” vol.15 Spring 2002 p.193-218.: 2002
And more than 5 books, 40 articles, 5 translations, 15 notes could be seen.

Major Practice Area:
Corporation (such as Managements, Proxy Fights, Directors’ Responsibility etc.), Civil Rehabilitation Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Collecting Bills, Trade Marks, & Civil Matters (such as Inheritance, Divorce, Traffic Accidents etc.)