Our September 2018 newsletter was issued to clients. Its title is “Revision of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code – Cross-Shareholdings and Corporate Pension Fund” and written by Kenji Kawahigashi and Yu Matsushita of our offices.


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Kenji Kawahigashi, Shusuke Kawamoto and Kaori Fuse have co-written an article for “Bijinesu-Houmu (October 2018 issue)” (a monthly law journal published by Chuokeizai-sha, INC, 21 August 2018). The article (in Japanese only) discusses how the amendment of the Japanese Civil Code will impact financial/securities firms, in particular, how the Civil Code amendment will change practices […]


On October 5, 2018, Kenji Kawahigashi will present at a Japan Securities Dealers Association’s seminar (for directors and other executives of JSDA member firms). The topic of his lecture will be “Compliance Updates – What are directors and other executives of securities firms required to do and not do?”.


Our August 2018 newsletter was issued to clients. Its title is “Official Support for Foreign Asset Management Companies Establishing a Business Base in Japan” and written by Kenji Kawahigashi and Kaori Fuse of our offices.

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Keiwa Sogo Law Offices was established in January 2004 by three partners, i.e., Kozo Toyama, Yoshinori Hosoya and Osamu Higuchi.

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