Shusuke Kawamoto contributed an article to M&A Information Square.

Shusuke Kawamoto contributed an article titled “Acquisition of shares of ‘Everybody’s Bitcoin Inc.’ by Rakuten and the current environment surrounding Cryptocurrency Exchange Operators” to M&A Information Square. The link to the article is: Japanese only).

Shusuke Kawamoto will speak at a seminar on November 20, 2018

On November 20, 2018, Shusuke Kawamoto will speak (in Japanese) at a seminar of Financial Management Forums, Inc. “Impact of amendment of Civil Code on asset management business and practical points to notice” is the topic.

Kazuma Kato has written a news on FinTech with Simont Braun

Kazuma Kato has written a joint news with Simont Braun, a Belgian law firm, titled “FinTech Trends – How Belgium & Japan Resemble & Differ”. The news is available at the following link:Digital finance news – FinTech Belgium and Japan Sept 2018

Keiwa Sogo newsletter of September 2018 was issued.

Our September 2018 newsletter was issued to clients. Its title is “Revision of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code – Cross-Shareholdings and Corporate Pension Fund” and written by Kenji Kawahigashi and Yu Matsushita of our offices.

(日本語) 72期司法修習予定者向け事務所説明会を開催します。

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

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